A Role Model, Woman, and Queen

Great Britain and the World have lost a beloved Queen that they admired since she ascended the British throne in 1953.

She was a most admired Monarch throughout the world in our lifetime. Her life was not one of no controversy nor the difficulties of reigning through the turbulence of a World War, other wars, and conflicts. Her family life was one that had many controversies and public humiliations.

During all these times in Queen Elizabeth II’s life, she held her head up high and showed her strength in public. How she coped with this enormous job behind the scenes we will never know. As women in business, we must admire her as she was a most excellent example of humility, composure, and grace. She was a role model to my generation as a working woman, a wife raising children, all the while reigning over Great Britain plus other areas in the Commonwealth. She showed us her strength along with her femininity as she always dressed and appeared beautiful and well put together in her many wonderful hats, suits, dresses, and formal attire. Her warm and friendly smile, her wave to all, and her inner strength are characteristics and behaviors to admire both then and now.

Learning lessons from women such as the Queen who came before us is important. It is also imperative we use these lessons to develop ourselves as businesswomen in our own ways, defining our own path (as Elizabeth did) and being the best we can be in our profession as women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, and “Queens” in own realm and space.

Thank you, Queen Elizabeth II, for the many life lessons you gave us.

May you rest in peace.

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

Matthew 25:21

My best always,

Lisa Baue

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