Leadership Series with Marguerite Ham

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast is joined by her Collaborative Network Partner, Marguerite Ham. Lisa and Marguerite discuss showing appreciation in the workplace and how to improve workplace culture. Lisa shares about the “Great Resignation” in our country and how it is had a hard impact on the funeral and death care profession. … Read more

Business Management with Sean Fagan

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast is joined by her Collaborative Network Partner, Sean Fagan, Owner of Leap Tie. Lisa and Sean discuss what makes Leap Tie unique from other marketing companies and how they focus their business, marketing, and sales experience exclusively on the death care profession. Sean shares about the early years … Read more

Building Work Relationships by Marguerite Ham

Work Relationships are vitally important!  It’s not just about getting along.  As human beings, we crave connection with others.  We have survived for thousands of years by living as a tribe. “Tribes live in groups and are organically connected and defined by traditions of common descent, language, culture, and ideology.” (Wikipedia)  So, what can we … Read more

Creating Opportunities to Mourn During the Holidays by Kristen Ernst, MA, LPC

The holidays are fast approaching. And while many are planning family festivities, buying gifts, and keeping family traditions, those that are grieving have expressed many mixed emotions about the upcoming holiday. Whether a family has lost a loved one recently, or many years ago, there is no timeline for grief and most likely traditions have … Read more

Business Success and Resilience from “The Pet Lady” by Coleen Ellis

Please welcome our newest Collaborative Network Partner, Coleen Ellis, who brings 20 years of knowledge and experience in building a successful Pet Funeral Service business in our profession. Her enthusiasm and passion for pets and helping others be successful are unmatched in the funeral, cemetery, and cremation space. In August 2022, I joined in on … Read more

Lisa Baue is the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and their first woman Chair.

I am honored to serve the Funeral Service Foundation as the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Funeral Service Foundation, and their first woman chair. I spoke at the 2022 National Funeral Directors Association International Convention & Expo in Baltimore about the supportive programs that lift up grieving communities the Funeral Service … Read more

NFDA Convention 2022 with Melissa Loose

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast is joined by Training & Development Manager, Melissa Posey Loose, MA, LFD, CCO of National Funeral Directors Association. They discuss the upcoming NFDA International Convention & Expo in Baltimore on October 9-12. They discuss the upcoming NFDA International Convention & Expo in Baltimore on October 9-12. Melissa … Read more

Well-Being with Marguerite Ham

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach is joined by her Collaborative Network Partner, Marguerite Ham, owner of Igniting Success. This week they discuss caring for yourself and caring for others. Marguerite shares ways to combat stress and tips for what you can do to improve your workplace culture and help your employees … Read more

Revolutionizing Funeral Service

I met and interviewed a most interesting millennial Funeral Director/Owner/CEO this last week about leadership and the keys to growing a business. Nathan Morris is 37 years old and is not just a funeral director, he is a funeral home and monument company owner, he has a popular podcast called You’ll Die Trying, and is … Read more