Are we Listening?

One of April’s themes is Stress Awareness. This theme struck home to me as a funeral service professional. I recall so many stressful moments and times in my life as a funeral director and business owner. The very first and most significant stressor came in April. On the 11th day in 1987, my dad died … Read more

Are we there yet? By Lisa Baue

Funeral Service is a growing career choice for women today. During Women’s History Month, let us celebrate and honor those who taught us how to be professional women, how to be great funeral directors, how to stand up for what we believe in, and most of all, how to be proud of ourselves for all … Read more

Bridging Generational Gaps with Marguerite Ham

In this episode, Lisa Baue talks with Marguerite Ham about the issue of why younger generations are not staying in funeral service roles for more than five years. They highlight the growing presence of women and non-binary individuals in the profession and stress the importance of leadership in addressing generational needs and expectations. The discussion … Read more

From Passion to Purpose with Liza Altenberg

In this episode, host Lisa Baue welcomes Liza Altenberg, a leader in the deathcare profession and author of “Selling with Sensitivity.” Liza shares her journey from a different career to finding her passion in deathcare. She discusses the importance of empathy and personal connection in serving families during their tough times. The episode explores the … Read more

Leadership and Mindfulness: Setting Goals in Deathcare Minisode

In this minisode, Lisa Baue, Your Funeral Coach, discusses setting realistic and achievable goals in 2024, focusing on young professionals in deathcare and funeral service. She emphasizes the importance of SMART goals and offers practical advice on meditation, mindfulness, and self-care, drawing insights from Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s works. Additionally, Lisa touches on gratitude journaling and … Read more

Navigating the Holidays: A Tale of Tears and Laughter by Lisa Baue

As we are in the middle of this year’s Holiday Season, please remember to take some time for “self-care”. The Death Care profession is traditionally busy this time of year and facing an even busier first quarter. This was my experience when I owned our funeral homes, cemetery, and cremation companies. It always seemed that … Read more

Leadership with Tyler Anderson of Precoa

In this episode of “Your Funeral Coach Talks,” Lisa Baue chats with Precoa’s Tyler Anderson about evolving funeral industry leadership. Lisa aids businesses in mentorship and transitions, while Tyler, rooted in funeral traditions, is now Precoa’s Senior VP. Tyler highlights leadership vulnerability and adapting to funeral ceremony changes. They also discuss Precoa’s acclaim as a … Read more