Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in the Funeral Profession with Megan Coyle

Join us on this episode of the Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast! In this compelling conversation, host Lisa Baue sits down with the remarkable Megan Coyle, President and fifth-generation owner of Coyle Funeral Home and Cremation Services. Together, they delve into the inspiring journey of being a woman leader in the funeral profession. Prepare to … Read more

A Woman’s Journey of Resilience and Innovation in Funeral Service with Ellen Wynn McBrayer

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Unlocking Business Success: Expert Strategies and Insights with Scott Newton

Listen in to Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast as Lisa Baue interviews the brilliant Scott Newton, her esteemed Collaborative Network Partner from Graystone Associates. Graystone Associates is an exceptional business advisory firm that specializes in the funeral service industry, consistently ranking among the top independent firms in the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia. In this episode, … Read more


    It is spring in most parts of our country. This season is of my favorite times of the year as the birds are building their nests, the trees are budding and the flowers are pushing up, even in the snow, to show us their beauty.   I also think of spring as a … Read more

To Sell or Not To Sell: Some Things To Consider Before You Take Action by John Schmitz, CPA

The decision to sell your funeral home or cemetery is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make in your life. Whether you are looking to retire fully, partially, or stay involved while cashing out equity, the decision will significantly influence your retirement funding. Unfortunately, many owners have not established an alternative source … Read more