Finding Nap Space

Do you ever find yourself in a place of “letdown” after the holidays are over? What about this year? If it is where you are now, what are you going to do about it? Was it so busy you had no time for rest? Finding the time to “get away”, to discover a place to … Read more

Happy National Mentoring Month!

Established in 2002 and recognized by the US president and administration, the month of January has celebrated the power of mentoring and encouraged others to explore how mentoring programs can help organizations to create more productive engaged, and satisfied people. It first began at Harvard University, TH Chan School of Public Health. Its goal is … Read more

How to Make a Vision Board by Marguerite Ham

Learn how to create a Vision board to help you focus on the goals you want to achieve this year both personally and professionally. See the instructions our Collaborative Partner Marguerite Ham created to give you the guidance you need to create your own board.  Also listen in as Lisa and Marguerite will discuss why … Read more

Hospice Gratefulness

What resonates most with me about the month of November is the feeling I have towards hospice and the care that they give to families during a time when they are facing a death of a loved one. November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month and it’s a time that we, in funeral service, … Read more

When disasters happen, what do you do?

As you read this, the areas where I am this week are getting ready for its second fall hurricane.  I wasn’t here for the first Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 with sustained winds of 150 miles per hour on average. I could blog about how to prevent disasters, but that would be a lesson for … Read more

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

This first reference was first written in 1895 and referred to by Mary T. Lathrap, called “Judge Softly”. In it, she refers to moccasins and challenges her readers to see things from another perspective. For this blog, I want to ask you to keep an open mind and try to see our profession from another … Read more

A Role Model, Woman, and Queen

Great Britain and the World have lost a beloved Queen that they admired since she ascended the British throne in 1953. She was a most admired Monarch throughout the world in our lifetime. Her life was not one of no controversy nor the difficulties of reigning through the turbulence of a World War, other wars, … Read more

Revolutionizing Funeral Service

I met and interviewed a most interesting millennial Funeral Director/Owner/CEO this last week about leadership and the keys to growing a business. Nathan Morris is 37 years old and is not just a funeral director, he is a funeral home and monument company owner, he has a popular podcast called You’ll Die Trying, and is … Read more

Make Your July Joyful

Good leaders of companies find ways to create joyful moments for their teams. Our profession at times can be emotionally draining for many. This July, I encourage you to find ways you and your team members can plan to have more “joyful” times together. Some things to think about might be an ice cream social … Read more