To Sell or Not To Sell: Some Things To Consider Before You Take Action by John Schmitz, CPA

The decision to sell your funeral home or cemetery is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make in your life. Whether you are looking to retire fully, partially, or stay involved while cashing out equity, the decision will significantly influence your retirement funding. Unfortunately, many owners have not established an alternative source … Read more

Spring Cleaning by Scott Newton

Spring Fever.  This idiom is a way of describing that feeling of restlessness and eagerness to get on with things that often accompany the close of winter and the onset of spring.  Reading between the lines, it also insinuates a desire to take action and move forward with some level of excitement and freshness. The question … Read more

Spring by Lisa Baue

It is spring in most parts of our country. This season is of my favorite times of the year as the birds are building their nests, the trees are budding and the flowers are pushing up, even in the snow, to show us their beauty. I also think of spring as a time of new … Read more

Goals by Lisa Baue

Happy March and Women’s History Month to all our readers! I hope that these last few months of your new year have been fruitful, self-fulfilling, and not too cold! Whether you are a business owner, manager, or licensee, the first several months of a new year are traditionally busy times in the funeral, cremation, and … Read more

Mental Health First Aid: Rest is Critical by Kristen Ernst, MA, LPC

People have busy lives. And if you are working in funeral service, life does not stop for death. Arrangements with families, accommodating other people’s schedules, and allowing time for families to mourn will change your own personal schedule. At home, there are soccer games, childcare, relationships, and your own self-care routine to tend to as … Read more

The Soul of Goals by Marguerite Ham

Do you struggle with how to create and or write out a goal?  Has year after year gone by and you “beat yourself up” for not accomplishing what you really want to accomplish?  Are you stuck on the roller coaster of life and not focusing on what YOU really want? What’s interesting is that most … Read more