Improve your market share and grow your business with proven expertise in key areas. Over 40 years of business ownership, Lisa has tried all of these methods with many successes… and many failures, too. She is a firm believer in working slower, smarter and studying the market carefully before implementing growth strategies.
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Improve Customer Service

Provide families with unparalleled and highly personalized care. We survey your customers to learn more about their buying decisions and then use this data to enhance your packages and programs. We also work with your staff to ensure they understand the programs and can provide the best-possible experience for every family, every time.

Discover Your Competitive Edge

Know your market and understand what it takes to increase your share. We work with experts to analyze your current market share and map your growth potential. From there, we review all of your competitors’ websites and marketing collateral to craft a message that sets your firm apart, complete with competitive service offerings and other differentiating factors.

Find the Right Marketing Mix

Power your strategy with a marketing toolkit that works for your firm. We review all of your current marketing tools, including your website, SEO strategy and social media and then recommend enhancements to support your growth initiatives. We can also implement tactics to support specific goals, whether it’s to market more effectively to cremation customers or increase conversions from online visitors.

Improve and Grow Relationship Building

Your business should be one of the pillars of your community. We help you connect with other local leaders to increase hospice referrals, strengthen bonds with local clergy, enhance your veteran’s program, refine your senior group marketing techniques, set up effective grief support services and so much more.

Improve Staff Loyalty, Culture & Team Building

Become the employer of choice in the communities we serve. We start with employee surveys to discover satisfaction levels and needs and then make recommendations based on your team’s direct feedback. We can help enhance team member training programs, improve employee care programs, combat generational issues, develop leaders at all levels and more.

Trusted Business & Transition Services

Prepare your business for the next chapter. We work with experts to conduct financial reviews and assist with specific budgetary needs. Depending on your goals, we can then assist with acquisitions and growth strategies or future planning services for transitions to your family members, employees or even outside entities.
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