Goals by Lisa Baue

Happy March and Women’s History Month to all our readers! I hope that these last few months of your new year have been fruitful, self-fulfilling, and not too cold!

Whether you are a business owner, manager, or licensee, the first several months of a new year are traditionally busy times in the funeral, cremation, and cemetery profession.

Over the years it is always my goal to have my company and personal goals in place before the holidays begin. Then somehow, WHAM, we get busy! Additionally, many family and personal obligations come up, and before I know it, my schedule is full and the time for self-reflection, goal setting, etc. just goes out the window. The winter months can become overwhelming. We many times find ourselves in a place where even working on our goals and plans seems impossible.

We begin to feel we will never get to work on our goals much less our action plans that support them. Then we start feeling like we have failed. No worries, as March is a great month to regroup and reorganize your time, review your past goals, and set new ones for your year that still has 10 months left in it.

The month of March is named for the Roman god of war, Mars. This was the time of year to resume the military campaigns that had been interrupted by the winter. So yes, this is a great month to “resume” and “re-ignite” your plans.

In this issue of our newsletter, our guest authors teach about several ways to get excited about goal setting, along with the importance of finding times to rest. We hope you find their articles of interest and benefit to your planning both for your personal and professional goals.

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, we will celebrate current women and be sharing podcast episodes from women experts in the funeral, cremation, and death care profession!

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast is joined by Kim Medici Shelquist as she shares some of her leadership lessons and tips. Kim is the former Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning for Homesteaders Life Company, a role she retired from late last year. She currently consults on the company’s ForGrief.com initiative. To listen to this episode, click HERE.

Coming this month, we will feature an interview with Melissa Posey Loose of NFDA as she shares details about the upcoming Professional Women’s Conference in San Antonio this May, as well as a new special inspirational award that has been founded by National Guardian Life.

We will also share an interview with Erin Creger, one of the founding women of Death Care Collective, a group of women dedicated to fostering connections, strengthening relationships, and empowering women in the death care profession.

Then at the sendoff Women’s History Month, we will be sharing an episode with one of our Collaborative Network Partners, Colleen Ellis. Colleen opened the door in our profession as the first woman to help us understand and honor pet funeral and burial services in groundbreaking ways! This month will be full of captivating and informative interviews with female leaders in our profession, so keep an eye out for our upcoming episodes from Your Funeral Coach Talks!

If we can be of any help to you in establishing your goals, working on action plans, or designing a vision, mission, and purpose for yourself or your company, please do not hesitate to reach out.

As always, take care of yourself and spend time thinking about some fun activities to do in March and the upcoming Spring, for both you and your fellow team members.

My best always,

Lisa Baue

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