Winter Solstice and Goal Setting for 2023 by Lisa Baue

First, I thank all our readers and clients for their loyalty and for following our newsletter, blog, and podcast. On behalf of our Collaborative Network Partners and Your Funeral Coach, we hope what we have shared in 2022 has been of benefit to you and your firm.

Second, the holidays are upon us, and with them come the pressures of personal and professional success as you face the New Year.

Planning for success is never easy and takes time, so we encourage you to be patient with yourself, those on your team, and your inner circle. During these winter months, many of you may experience a rapid increase in volume or a steady decrease. You could have, like many in our profession, staffing shortages, increasing costs, and inflationary pressures. Add to these challenges a lack of time for self, time for goal setting, and time to train and develop others you may experience an overwhelming feeling. 

It is our hope that the articles in this year-end newsletter give you some hope and solutions on where to focus your time and answers on how to improve your business practices along with finding the time to better care for you!

Whether you have a plan for yourself or your firm, we encourage you to spend a little time during the upcoming Winter Solstice (December 21st this year) and beyond, to write down your plans as you think about what you want to accomplish in 2023.

Winter Solstice is an important day, as it marks the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun that leads to reversing the waning of daylight hours into growing lighter again. Since it is also the longest night of the year, our wish for you is that your focus this night finds you in a peaceful place that leads to your upcoming days filled with the new light of the coming year and with it brings an increase in personal and professional success.

Do you wish to journal about your plans?

Our Collaborative Partner, Marguerite Ham and I have a limited number of journals to share, with prompt inserts, if you need a tool to help you get started. It is titled, Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Brilliant.   

If you want a free journal, please email soon, as they are first come first serve while our supplies last.  

Wishing you and your family the Peace and Joy of the Holidays. If you are a funeral professional on duty this coming holiday season, we thank you for your dedication to our profession and the time and talents you bring to care for those who have died and their survivors.

If any of us may help support you further in this coming year, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

Blessings and we look forward to sharing new ideas with you in 2023!

Lisa Baue