Spring by Lisa Baue

It is spring in most parts of our country. This season is of my favorite times of the year as the birds are building their nests, the trees are budding and the flowers are pushing up, even in the snow, to show us their beauty.

I also think of spring as a time of new beginnings. Time to get outside and take big breaths and walk in the sun and the rain too. The earth is being refreshed as we have spring showers to give us water, the snow begins to melt, and lakes begin to thaw.  

Spring can also be a time of cleaning out things that are no longer working for us. Perhaps there are some old items or ways of being that are no longer working for you. Or there are challenges you have experienced that has been accumulated over the winter and have been in your closets for too long and you feel a need to rid them from your life.

What do you do to “Spring Clean” your life both personally and professionally? Are you in need of reassessing your career, your role, the place where you work, your ownership, and your leadership? Is it time for a cleaning up of some bad habits or is it time to learn some new beneficial ways of being the unique and different person or business you want to become? What about learning some new best practices as a leader and a businessperson?

If so, perhaps we should talk more about your life, your career, and business goals. I offer a free hour of coaching, so reach out and let’s talk more. You may reach out to me personally at Lisa@yourfuneralcoach.com

In this Spring’s issue of our Newsletter, you will learn more about cleaning out your website and some good things to do and not do as you assess its effectiveness. Your website for those who own businesses in the death care profession is your largest and most important location. It is the front door that potential clients will see first if they need your services. It is imperative that you have the right web provider that will give you the best benefit and help you really gain more client families.

You will also hear about some new ideas to add freshness to your business practices. These excellent techniques include 5 critical success factors to add to your business that will clean up and drive change in your business growth and staffing success.

If you are thinking about cleaning up your business values, possibly selling or buying a firm or you want to learn more about retiring, read more about this and the top 10 questions I recommend you ask any broker before you make final decisions.

I wish you a happy rest of your spring as you strive to serve those who mourn.

If any of our Collaborative Network Partners or I may help you in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Lisa Baue