Leadership Development & Staff Retention

Lisa’s firm became the employer of choice in her region and she found it is one of the key reasons her business was successful and grew for over 32 years. Lisa and her Collaborative Leadership partners know that the more you invest in employee care and training programs, the more you will have clients that are well cared for. In the age with high employee turnover, and an increasing shortage of licensees, your client families deserve to find and retain the very best staff possible. How do you get there and sustain a strong employee training and development program?

Lisa and her partners suggest beginning with an employee discovery process to measure satisfaction levels and developmental needs. They will then make recommendations based on your team’s direct feedback and ownership desires. 

Establishing strong internal leadership training and employee care programs is essential for any company’s success. Understanding communication styles and diverse generational issues is a critical part of team development that is recommended for all businesses.

Lisa and her partners have experience in establishing Leadership and Learning Universities in companies that through the years has proven to be a key in a company’s successful culture, their growth in market share and profitability.

All of the training and coaching offered may be conducted virtually for cost and time efficiencies. We offer one on one coaching as well as group training webinars. Onsite team building and training is also available.

We encourage you to consider investing in development programs that meet ever changing needs of companies and their team members. It is one of the keys to long term loyalty and retention.