Common Questions

Unlike other traditional consulting companies, Your Funeral Coach is different. During your free consultation, Lisa takes the time to understand where you are in your leadership or ownership journey, listening and learning about your most critical needs. She will work with team of Collaborative Partners to gain insights in what your needs are then they will help you by developing a customized and personalized plan to help you succeed with your outcome desired.

Whether you want to grow your business, yourself, your team, or desire to retire and transition, Lisa has experienced all of these with success… and with some failures, too. She is a firm believer that having someone who has “been there” to talk to is very helpful. Additionally, relying on trusted advisors that have expertise in a key area that you need is a very wise decision.

You will find honest answers, a focus on your needs, and a refreshing amount of authentic integrity. You will learn more about tried proven methods to help you as well as referrals to others you can trust.

After your Complimentary consultation, Lisa will recommend which Collaborative Partner will best be able to assist you.

The areas listed below are where Lisa and her team of collaborative partners can help. If you don’t find what you need no worries, Lisa will help you discover the best resource to help you.

Most businesses fail because they fail to plan. A financial plan is “not” a business plan.
A “marketing plan” is not a business plan. They are key elements of a business plan. Face it, most of the time, owners are so busy working in their businesses, they don’t make time to plan for what they want their business to look like next year, or in 3 to 5 years. From a financial & budgetary plan focusing on Key performance Indicators (KPI’s), to a marketing and employee development plan, Lisa and her collaborative partners will help you learn how to manage your time and design a plan that focuses on accomplishing your goals for both next year and the years to come. They will also help you establish “SMART” goals for both your personally, and your business.

Remember that one of the keys to a fulfilled and successful life is about having a good “Work, Life, Balance Plan” in everything you do!

There are many marketing firms in our profession to choose from. How do you know which firm is right for you and if you even need a marketing company? Lisa and her collaborative marketing partner can assist you in assessing what is right for you. She has used many marketing firms over the years with varying results. She believes in finding the one with the right fit and for your budget.

Knowing your market and understanding what it takes to increase your market share is key. Lisa and her collaborative partners can help you analyze your current market share and map your growth potential. From there, we will review your competitors’ marketing strategies to craft one for you, that sets your firm apart. Additionally, an assessment of your competitive service offerings and other differentiating factors may be completed with recommendations on how to improve in this critical area of competition.

We will review all of your current marketing tools that you are currently using, including your website, SEO strategy and social media tools you are utilizing. We will then recommend enhancements to support your growth initiatives. We can also help you implement tactics to support specific goals, whether it’s to market more effectively to a specific regional market, a diverse ethnic group, or increase conversions from online visitors.

Your business should be one of the pillars of your community. Lisa and her collaborative partners will help you learn to connect with other local leaders to increase hospice referrals, strengthen bonds with local clergy, enhance your veteran’s program, refine your senior group marketing techniques, set up effective grief support services and so much more.

Lisa’s firm became the employer of choice her region and she found it is one of the key reasons her business was successful and grew for over 30 years. Lisa and her collaborative Leadership partner know that the more you invest in employee care and training programs, the more you will have clients that are well cared for. In the age with high employee turnover, and an increasing shortage of licensees, your client families deserve to find and retain the very best staff possible. How do you get there and sustain a strong employee training and development program?

Lisa and her partner suggest beginning with employee surveys to discover satisfaction levels and needs. They will then make recommendations based on your team’s direct feedback. We can also help enhance team member leadership training programs, improve employee care programs, help you understand generational issues and assist you in developing leaders. Lisa founded her company’s Leadership and Learning University and through the years found that growing leaders at all levels is the key to a company’s success and growth. Working on your company’s culture, investing in your team training and developing your future leaders will help your firm become the employer of choice in your community.

All of the training and coaching offered in this area is conducted virtually, through one on one’s and group training webinars, investing in your team will create long term loyalty and help you focus on further growing your business.

For business growth & assistance:
Lisa has found that there are many financial consultants and transition experts serving our profession. She has also found that they are not always the best, nor are they affordable for many averaged sized to smaller firms. Lisa and her collaborative financial partner help you in a way that matches up to your budget and desired outcomes. They assist you in conducting a thorough financial review of your business and focus on specific budgetary improvement need areas in order to invest in growth programs for your firm. If you need assistance acquiring a neighboring firm or merging with a business partner, Lisa and her partner have experience in helping you grow.

For assistance in retiring and selling your business:
Lisa and her financial partner are firm believers that the hard-earned dollars you’ve invested in your business over the years, should be returned to you with the bulk of it being retained by you after a sale. Many firms market that they will find you the best buyer, with the best price for you. Lisa has experienced first-hand how you do not need to spend your much needed retirement dollars to help you find an ideal buyer. With over 70 years combined experience in financial strategies, you will receive the best in service and price to help you transition your business to the next generation or others.

Aftercare is defined differently by many in our profession. Learn from Lisa how she began her company’s aftercare program to become one that helped her grow her market share and was known throughout the country as one of the best. It is not about selling pre-need plans nor is it about becoming or hiring a grief counselor. It is about creating well rounded “life honoring” programs of support that help families in your community mourn and heal. With her collaborative partner who is an experienced grief support expert and licensed counselor you will learn more about to create an effective aftercare program for your clients and community.

Lisa is known for the development of key community relationship building and referral programs that she attributes as one of the keys to her business’s growth. From networking with clergy, senior centers to creating a strong relationship with hospice workers, Lisa and her collaborative partner will teach you to create a strong community network and referral program that is lasting and grows your market share.