Collaborative Network Partners

Our Collaborative Network Partners bring a combined 200 plus years of well-rounded experience. Carefully selected for their areas of expertise as well as business integrity, these individuals and consultants are selective in serving their clients. After hearing your need and analyzing your needs, they will tell you the truth about what they think you need. They will not tell you what you may always want to hear, just to capture you as a client. They will truthfully guide you to the best strategy for success based on your budget and how they believe they can best serve you.

As the former owner of Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory, Cemetery ( for over 32 years, I can personally attest to their talents and skills. They helped my family business for the last 15 years that I owned it and they helped us grow and thrive in the face of increasing competition in my market.

I know these partners can help you and your firm as well.

Owner, Outcompete Marketing

Owner, Igniting Success

Owner, Center for Hope and Healing

CFO/Financial Consultant

President, Graystone Associates

Owner, Coleen.Rocks and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Who We Are

Growth in funeral service is never easy. Whether it comes from enhancing customer service, improving marketing, acquisition of another firm, moving into new markets or developing a key leadership team, we know that no two strategies are alike. Just like no two businesses are alike. Just like no two businesses are alike. Through her “Collaborative Funeral Partners Program”, you will find trusted resources with a wide variety of expertise, that will help you become the leading firm in your community. If you are looking to grow new leaders, market more effectively, better serve your families, or transition your business to the next generation to retire someday, Lisa and her partners can help.