Unlocking Business Success: Expert Strategies and Insights with Scott Newton

Listen in to Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast as Lisa Baue interviews the brilliant Scott Newton, her esteemed Collaborative Network Partner from Graystone Associates. Graystone Associates is an exceptional business advisory firm that specializes in the funeral service industry, consistently ranking among the top independent firms in the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia. In this episode, … Read more

Business Management with Sean Fagan

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast is joined by her Collaborative Network Partner, Sean Fagan, Owner of Leap Tie. Lisa and Sean discuss what makes Leap Tie unique from other marketing companies and how they focus their business, marketing, and sales experience exclusively on the death care profession. Sean shares about the early years … Read more

Business Management with John Schmitz

Host Lisa Baue talks with John Schmitz, CPA, and Financial Business Expert in the funeral, cremation, and cemetery profession. Lisa and John discuss what companies need to do more of and less of to be successful—with a little added tax advice on this upcoming year.  To learn more about Your Funeral Coach, visit www.yourfuneralcoach.com John … Read more

Grief Support Programs During The Holidays with Kristen Ernst

Join Lisa and her guest/Collaborative Partner Kristen Ernst, MA, LPC, of the Center for Hope and Healing www.hopeandhealingcounseling.com as they discuss what those who mourn need most and what funeral homes, cremation companies, and cemeteries can do to help them.  Kristen Ernst KristenErnst@CHHCounseling.com www.HopeAndHealingCounseling.com