Leadership with Coleen Ellis of Coleen.Rocks

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach is joined by her Collaborative Network Partner, Coleen Ellis, a recognized leader within the world of Pet Death Care. Coleen is a sought-after international speaker, author, and founder of Pet Angel Memorial Center, Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, and Coleen.Rocks. Coleen shares her journey through different career paths as a … Read more

Leadership Series with Marguerite Ham

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast is joined by her Collaborative Network Partner, Marguerite Ham. Lisa and Marguerite discuss showing appreciation in the workplace and how to improve workplace culture. Lisa shares about the “Great Resignation” in our country and how it is had a hard impact on the funeral and death care profession. … Read more

Elevating Women in Funeral Service with Barbara Kemmis

Listen in as Lisa Baue of Your Funeral Coach is joined by Barbara Kemmis, the Executive Director of Cremation Association of North America (CANA) as they discussed how she came to the Association and how she grew CANA 11 years ago to become the successful Association it is today. Barbara shares that CANA has almost 10 Women Presidents in … Read more

Elevating Women in Funeral Service with Monica Torres

Listen in as Lisa Baue, Your Funeral Coach is joined by Monica Torres of NXT Generation Mortuary Support as they talk about women in funeral service, women business owners, and the key to success, along with supporting and training women in our profession. This is part of Your Funeral Coach Talks “Elevating Women in Funeral Service” podcast  series that … Read more

Elevating Women in Funeral Service with Marguerite Ham

Lisa talks with one of her collaborative partners, Marguerite Ham, owner of Igniting Success. This week they talk about resilience, International Girl’s Day, their own childhood experiences, and how they have grown into successful women in business. Find us at yourfuneralcoach.com Check out Marguerite at www.margueriteham.com Marguerite Ham Marguerite@IgnitingSuccess.net www.MargueriteHam.com

Elevating Women in Funeral Service with Alicia Carr

This week, host Lisa interviews Alicia Carr, a women business owner of Kelco Supply Company. Alicia shares about who and what inspired her to become the woman she is today and the importance of listening to the needs of their ever-changing customers. These last three years Alicia enrolled, graduated from mortuary school, passed her National … Read more