Exploring the Depths of Grief: An Interview with Author Kevin O’Connor

In this week’s episode of Your Funeral Coach Talks, host Lisa Baue sits down with Author, Speaker, and Facilitator, Kevin O’Connor, to discuss his latest book, “Two Floors Above Grief.” Through a collection of personal letters written by O’Connor and his family members, the book offers a perspective on life as O’Connor takes us on a journey through his unique upbringing as a funeral home child.

Join Lisa and Kevin as they dive into the fascinating details and anecdotes of his upbringing, and explore the themes of grief, family, and legacy that are woven throughout the book. Whether you’re a funeral professional or simply interested in exploring the rich history of funeral homes, this episode is not to be missed.

Be sure to visitĀ www.kevinoconnorauthor.comĀ to order your copy of “Two Floors Above Grief” and learn more about Kevin O’Connor and his work.

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