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I was reading recently from Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s One Mindful Day at a time, 365 Mediations for living in the now. Dr. Alan and I have known each other since I was a young funeral director, and he was working as a grief counselor. Both of us were beginning our career journeys in our mid-20s. As I have watched his career grow and prosper to become one of the world’s most renown Doctors of Thanatology, running the Center for Loss in Colorado, speaking annually all over the world, and continuing to publish outstanding books of work on grief and loss, I’ve often wondered how he finds time for mindfulness moments. He not only believes in them, but he has also shared that he schedules them daily.


In funeral service, finding time for mindful moments daily is essential. It grounds us during busy days, it helps us find calm in the storm of chaos, and it helps us focus on what is essential in life.


So how do we find these moments in our day? It begins with the early part of our day; what is our routine when we first wake up? Do we sit with our coffee or team and find a time to be quiet and take deep breaths in and out, or are we rushing out the door with breakfast quickly shoved in our mouths?


Enjoy, and share some of the best mindful moments you discover too!


Blessings on your day!

Lisa Baue

Opinion Article

Written by Marguerite Ham


I recently came across this article: July Mindfulness & Workplace Wellness Research Roundup I found it relevant, informational, and helpful for those of you looking for some ways to bring mindfulness and wellness into the workplace. “Millennials and Gen Z are driving a new definition of workplace wellness”, as business owners, especially in funeral service, we had better pay attention! 

“These younger workers cited paid time off and flexible work schedules as the biggest factors impacting their choice of employer (and possible desire to switch employers), at 65% and 58%, respectively… (54%) plan to switch to another job or career field in the next year.

Questions to ask yourself as owners and leaders in funeral service:

·       How is your retention at your funeral home? (be honest!)

·       How can you retain your staff members?

·       How can you bring well-being and work-life integration to these younger generations?

·       How must funeral service change to hold onto staff members and create a more desirable culture and work environment?

Mindfulness, Wellness, and Manager Development in Funeral Service

In this edition of Your Funeral Coach Talks Newsletter, we focus on three key areas that can significantly impact your career and well-being: Mindfulness, Physical Wellness, and Manager Development.


The Importance of Mindfulness

Megan Coyle highlighted the importance of meditation in helping her stay present and focused. Mindfulness practices like meditation can help you manage stress, improve your focus, and enhance your emotional well-being.


Actionable Advice: Incorporate Mindfulness Practices

Action: Start your day with a short meditation session, even if it's just for 5-10 minutes. You can use apps like the Law of Attraction or sit silently, focusing on your breath.


Prioritize Nutrition and Physical Wellness

Megan emphasized the importance of fueling her body with good food and exercise to sustain her through busy, emotionally taxing days.

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