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Make Your July Joyful

Good leaders of companies find ways to create joyful moments for their teams. Our profession at times can be emotionally draining for many. This July, I encourage you to find ways you and your team members can plan to have more “joyful” times together.

Some things to think about might be an ice cream social or bringing in a donut or other type of tasty food truck on-site as a refreshing break for staff. Don’t forget the lactose and less sugar options too! What about holding a staff meeting outside, having a picnic lunch, or going to your local park pavilion and spending time with each other? You could have a roundtable open discussion about ways to improve your culture, plan for new service offerings, etc.

I know some owners & managers that bring their grills in during the summer months and BBQ for their teams for lunch or at the end of a busy day. What about renting out your local pool for a staff party and including their families? At Baue’s we gave everyone a blow-up beach ball one year with our logo on it. They began taking it on their vacations and we posted their vacations in our in-house newsletter and them having family fun time on our company Facebook. In the winter months, we would have lunch events like chili cook-offs. We had tasting contests with theme lunches and gave out small prizes and gift cards. What could you do in the summer months to bring more fun to the workplace? Perhaps a Salad making contest day with tasting.

What other ideas does your staff have to bring more “joy” into your workplace? Have you asked them? “No time like the present” my dad used to say (quoting an old English Proverb). In other words, what are you waiting for?

What do your work environment and break rooms look like? Are they sterile and just have a computer, partitions, files, and company signage on the walls? Or are they decorated, and have family photos around? Do you have live plants growing, bring in fresh flowers now and then, or perhaps a pitcher of freshly brewed sun tea?  (A tip, please never, ever, use leftover funeral flowers!) What about a staff desk or workspace decorating contest during certain holidays or around themes?

The Disney company has a firm rule for what they call their “Underground” which is an area for staff breaks. There are no company symbols or photographs, Disney items, or Mickey ears. It is a place for their “cast members” go to truly relax and get away. Photos of beaches, mountains, and fun vacation spots where non-Disney items & music fills the staff areas.

This July, I suggest you look with a new set of eyes at your staff break rooms & lounges. Ask yourself how they could become more “joyful” rooms. Are they truly “get away” places where your staff can shut down for a break? Are they decorated nicely and have vacation scenes on the walls? What amenities do you provide? Filtered water, a large refrigerator, microwave, snacks, fresh iced tea? Ask your team what they would like to have in their break areas. Let them help decorate and paint it. Perhaps make it a fun staff project this summer!

Whatever you do, always involve your entire team, ask them for their ideas and make it fun. Joyfulness in the workplace is a big part of creating a better culture where your staff will feel appreciated and find enjoyment and fulfillment in their life’s work.

Join me next Thursday, July 14th on Your Funeral Coach Talks podcast where you will hear more about building a company culture from a 30-year veteran funeral director/manager and trainer, Kyle West of Graystone Associates, as he and I discuss ideas on what leaders can do to improve their culture &  workplace environment.

Have a joyful July!

My best always, 

Lisa Baue